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Local Artists Performing for Big Stages

The Peachtree Village International Film Festival is coming up and a few artists in our network have the honoring of performing on stage, sharing the red carpet with the likes of KELLY PRICE | CLIFTON POWELL | MICHAEL WRIGHT | E DEWEY SMITH | ADI COHEN | EDI CALLIER | LOU GOSSETT JR| MARKUANN SMITH | KARLA WINFREY | JOHN GIBSON | CHRIS BLUE | JASON LOUDER | BRAD JAMES | TRACEY BONNER | BRAD “SCARFACE” JORDAN | GAIL DEVERS | SUSAN REED | DARREN CAIN | NIVEA | DOC POWELL & MORE.  The Gala will be Hosted by Ramona DeBreaux & Reid .


One of the highlights of the Festival will be the “Prodigal” Screening Afterparty held at Blackbird Atl.  This show will feature local acts such as Tasha Renee, Faith Lyn, Von Deshon, Harmony, Jason Brown, Kittie Chamille, Alexis Nicole, Antonio Brown, Deph Arie, Wesson Desir, Chris Thomas, Sekhem Re, Gwen Yvette, with a multitude of those being from iDentity Music.

The event will showcase awards in the Film Industry and highlight great works of Directors, Producers, Actors, Artists, and more.


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